LoRaWAN Fridge or Freezer Thermometer

Introducing THS-30 Fridge or Freezer Thermometer with an internal sensor for accurate temperature and humidity monitoring. Receive real-time alarms on the platform for threshold exceedance. Easy installation, low power consumption, and high accuracy ensure optimal fridge and freezer management.

  • Model: THS-30
  • Brand: HKT
  • Size:
  • Application: Freezer&fridge
  • Packing way: Carton box
  • Warranty: 24 months

THS-30 Fridge or Freezer Thermometer - Advanced Internal Sensor

Ensure the Perfect Environment:

The THS-30 Fridge or Freezer Thermometer is equipped with an advanced internal sensor to precisely monitor indoor temperature and humidity. Maintain the ideal conditions for your fridge or freezer with ease.

Real-Time Threshold Alerts:

Cycle monitoring allows for continuous observation, and the thermometer triggers platform alarms when thresholds are exceeded. Stay informed and take prompt action to prevent potential issues.

Easy Installation and Low Power Consumption:

Designed for user convenience, the THS-30 is easy to install, requiring minimal effort. Its low power consumption ensures long-lasting operation without frequent battery changes.


The THS-30 Fridge or Freezer Thermometer finds applications in various industries, including:

Food Service: Maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels for food preservation and safety in restaurants, hotels, and catering businesses.

Healthcare: Ensure pharmaceuticals and vaccines are stored at the correct temperature to maintain their effectiveness.

Retail: Monitor temperature-sensitive products in supermarkets, convenience stores, and retail outlets to prevent spoilage.

With the THS-30 Fridge or Freezer Thermometer, you can be confident in maintaining the perfect storage conditions for your valuable assets. Whether it's in the food industry, healthcare sector, or retail environment, this thermometer offers a reliable solution for precise monitoring and peace of mind.

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HKT focus on IoT application researches, smart industry solutions and smart applications in the field of IoT. we are committed to provide one-stop solution for LoRaWAN connectivity from sensor nodes, gateways to cloud network server platforms and application server platforms.

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