LoRaWAN GPS Smartwatch

The LoRaWAN GPS Smartwatch for Smart Senior Care is the best solution for elderly care. It provides long range, real-time tracking, health monitoring, and emergency SOS functionality.

  • Model: SW-200
  • Brand: HKT
  • Size: 48*52*14.5mm (W*L*H)
  • Application: Smart safety solution
  • Packing way: Carton box
  • Warranty: 1 year

Smart and IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN Technology

Smart and IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN Technology

Product Description:

The SW-200 is an intelligent wristband based on LoRaWAN communication, specifically designed for smart senior care. Equipped with GNSS and Bluetooth modules, it provides real-time indoor and outdoor positioning combined with motion sensors for comprehensive monitoring capabilities. Additionally, the SW-200 collects essential health data, such as heart rate, step count, and sleep, through wear detection and transmits the information to the platform via the LoRaWAN network, enabling intelligent monitoring and management.

Smart and IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN Technology

Main features:

  • Efficient LoRa Communication: The SW-200 utilizes high-efficiency LoRa communication technology, offering a communication range of up to 1.5 kilometers in line-of-sight and 500 to 1000 meters in dense urban areas, while remaining compatible with any LoRaWANTM network to ensure stable and reliable data transmission.

  • Real-time Indoor and Outdoor Tracking: With built-in GNSS and Bluetooth chips, the HKT-20W provides real-time positioning indoors and outdoors, delivering precise location information for seamless implementation and application of smart senior care.

  • Health Monitoring: The SW-200 boasts powerful health monitoring capabilities, providing real-time tracking of users' heart rate and step count to offer comprehensive health data, assisting them in better understanding their well-being.

  • Real-time Alarm: In smart senior care, health and safety are paramount. The HKT-20W is equipped with real-time alarm functionality, sending immediate alerts when a user's heart rate exceeds pre-set thresholds to ensure timely assistance and support.

  • Emergency SOS Functionality: In addition to health monitoring, the SW-200 features an emergency SOS function, enabling users to trigger an emergency distress signal with a single press, ensuring timely aid during critical situations.

  • Long Battery Life: The SW-200 comes with a high-performance battery that supports up to 7 days of usage with a 15-minute uplink duty cycle, providing low battery notifications when the battery level falls below 10% to ensure reliable and stable product performance.


ModemAS923MHz, US915Mhz, EU868MHz
Tx PowerMax +20dBm
Communication range500~1000M in dense urban,1.5KM los
Positioning1. Quadruple hybrid positioning of indoor & outdoor GPS Beidou, Wifi and acceleration sensors, and optimize the accuracy and power consumption through algorithms.
2. Positioning accuracy: 5-20 meters (indoor scenes vary depending on the Wifi density)
3. Accurate Bluetooth positioning 1-3 meters (with Bluetooth beacon, accurate to floors, house numbers, rooms, classrooms, wards, etc.)
BluetoothBluetooth Low Energy BLE 5.0
Display1.22 inch circular 240 X 210 dot matrix HD color TFT display
Rubber strapStandard 22mm strap. Optional two-color sports strap, or special tamper-proof strap (users can also purchase replacement leather, silicone, leather cloth)
Buttons2 physical buttons (switch and SOS)
Battery capacityLi-ion polymer high voltage battery, 450mAh, / magnetic charging cable
ChargingMagnetic charging cable
Operation timeCharging: 2 hours; standby: more than 1 month; normal use: 5-7 days (depending on positioning frequency)
Ingress protectionIP67
Electronic tagsOptional strap with RFID card (without default)
Health dataBlood oxygen, HRV, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, body temperature, step counting, sleep detection
Dimensions48 x 52 x 15.5 mm (W*L*H)


  • The SW-200 smart wristband offers intelligent safety solutions for industrial companies, especially suitable for large oil and gas companies, power station companies, and chemical companies, ensuring employees' health and safety.

  • Beyond industrial applications, the SW-200 smart wristband is extensively used in the field of smart senior care, isolating users from external environments and helping them manage their health effectively. It is well-suited for use in places like airports and hospitals, providing thoughtful care for senior citizens.

Smart and IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN Technology