PMS-10 Particles (PM2.5) Advanced LoRaWAN PM2.5 Particles, Temperature & Humidity Sensor - Air Quality Monitoringand Temperature & Humidity

Our state-of-the-art LoRaWAN PM2.5 Particles, Temperature & Humidity Sensor with long-range wireless connectivity. Monitor air quality in real-time for various IoT applications. Precise and accurate data ready for use.

  • Model: PMS-10
  • Brand: HKT
  • Size: 113.57*80*28.79 mm
  • Application: Office,Building,Hotel,Shopping mall
  • Packing way: Carton box
  • Warranty: 24 months

Product Description:

The LoRaWAN PM2.5 Particles, Temperature & Humidity Sensor is a cutting-edge IoT device designed to measure particles, temperature, and humidity with the benefits of LoRa long-range and low-power wireless connectivity. Equipped with integrated LoRa technology, Laser dust (PM2.5) Sensor knowhow, and a high-performance MCU solution, this sensor caters to various IoT markets with utmost precision. Its calibrated dust (PM2.5) sensor module and compensated Temperature/Humidity sensor integration ensure accurate and ready-to-use data. The sensor excels in detecting dust in the air, making it an ideal choice for air purifiers, air conditioners, and air monitors.

oRaWAN PM2.5 Sensor, Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Air Quality Monitoring, Long-Range Wireless Connectivity, IoT Markets


  • LoRaWAN Compliant/TELEC Certificate: Ensuring compliance with LoRaWAN standards and certification for reliable data transmission.

  • High Receiver Sensitivity and Long Range Solution: Providing efficient and reliable long-range communication with high receiver sensitivity.

  • Integrated with Calibrated Dust Particles Sensor: Accurate measurement of particles with a range of 0-500 μg/m3 and accuracy of 1 μg/m3.

  • Integrated with Compensated Temp/RH Sensor: Precise and reliable temperature and humidity measurements.

  • Wide Range DC Power-In: Operate with 8~24V DC power or 5V with Micro-USB DC power-in.

  • Display PM2.5 Concentration, Temp/RH: User-friendly display of PM2.5 concentration, temperature, and relative humidity readings.

System Characteristics:

  • MCU TI Cortex: High-performance MCU for efficient data processing.

  • Startup Time <1 Minute: Quick startup time for instant operation.

  • LoRa Module: Depending on the built-in module models for seamless communication.

  • Monitor Periodically: Regular updates and display of sensor measurement values.

Electrical Characteristics:

  • Voltage: 5V (Micro USB) or DC 8~24V for flexible power options.

  • Operating Temperature: 0ºC~60ºC for reliable performance in various environments.

  • Operating Humidity: 0%~95% to accommodate diverse humidity levels.

  • Storage Temperature: -20ºC~70ºC for safe storage under varying conditions.

Wireless Performance Parameters:

  • Transmission Rate: 244bps~18.2Kbps for efficient data transmission.

  • Operating Frequency: 862~932MHz / 470~510MHz for versatile wireless operation.

  • Protocol: LoRaWAN, Class A, B, C for optimized communication.

  • Antenna: SMA male 2dBi for enhanced signal reception.

Power Characteristics:

  • Rx <20mA: Low power consumption during reception.

  • Tx <350mA: Efficient power usage during transmission.

Sensor Characteristics:

  • Sensing Mode CO2: Gold-plated infrared (NDIR) wave-guide technology with Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC) and passive gas diffusion.

  • Sensing Mode T/RH: CMOS sensor for accurate temperature and relative humidity measurements.

  • Reaction Time CO2: < 10sec. (90%), T: 3~30 sec., RH: < 8 sec.

  • Accuracy CO2: ±3% or ±30ppm (25°C), T: ±0.3°C, RH: ±3%

  • Repeatability CO2: <±20 ppm

  • Zero Drift CO2: < ±10 ppm / year

  • Measuring Range CO2: 0~10,000ppm, T: -40°C~125°C, RH: 0%~95%

Physical Characteristics:

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 113.57x80x28.79mm, Weight: 280g

  • Material: ABS for durability and reliability.

  • Installation Method: Wall-mount for easy setup and positioning.