Introducing the SD-10 LoRaWAN Smoke Detection Sensor

The SD-10 LoRaWAN Smoke Detection Sensor, an intelligent wireless photoelectric smoke detector with high sensitivity. Get early-warning alerts for smoke detection in schools, communities, and more. Buy now!

  • Model: SD-10
  • Brand: HKT
  • Size:
  • Application: Smart fire,IoT
  • Packing way: Carton box
  • Warranty: 1 YEAR

Product description

The SD-10 Smoke detector is an intelligent wireless photoelectric smoke detector based on the advanced LoRaWAN protocol. This cutting-edge device combines the capabilities of an independent smoke alarm with wireless communication and networking, offering high sensitivity, stability, reliability, and durability. Its user-friendly design ensures easy deployment and usage, enabling centralized monitoring and management of smoke alarms. With sound and light alarm functions, the SD-10 provides early-warning alerts for potential fire incidents. This versatile sensor finds wide applications in schools, communities, factories, hotels, nursing homes, welfare homes, ancient buildings, and various other locations.

Main features

  • Photoelectric smoke alarm device for accurate detection

  • Certified and tested according to GB20517-2006 standards

  • Low-Power feature with an external 9V lithium battery and low battery warning

  • Long-lasting 2-year battery service life

  • Sensor failure warning for enhanced safety

Product Specification

LoRaWAN Smoke Detection Sensor in action - Early-warning alerts for smoke detection

The SD-10 LoRaWAN Smoke Detection Sensor is an ideal addition to our Smart Building Sensor range. It boasts an electro-optical sensor specially designed for efficient smoke detection. Once smoke is detected in a room, the sensor triggers a sound signal (85dB), activates a light alert, and sends an immediate alert message through the LoRa data network. Installing this smoke sensor on the ceiling ensures optimal performance.

LoRaWAN Smoke Detection Sensor use case

  • Smoke detection for early fire prevention.

  • Onside alert generation with sound and light signaling when smoke is detected.

LoRaWAN Smoke Detection Sensor technical specifications

  • Electro-Optic sensor for reliable smoke detection

  • Maximum illumination level: 12000 lux

  • Sound / Siren Level: 85 dB

  • Battery type: CR123A – 1400 mAh for extended usage