• How Does LoRaWAN Roaming Work?

    xplore the mechanisms of LoRaWAN roaming and its impact on international IoT projects. Learn about passive roaming, network densification, and the role of the LoRa Alliance.

    2023-11-22 admin

  • Does LoRaWAN have a future?

    With the emergence of 5G and competing LPWAN standards, does LoRaWAN have a future for large-scale IoT networks? This article evaluates its prospects.

    2023-10-31 admin

  • The LoRaWAN® Specification: Enabling Seamless Connectivity

    LoRaWAN® Specification: Seamless IoT connectivity with secure LoRa® physical layer & flexible deployment. Explore star-of-stars network & end-point devices.

    2023-08-02 admin

  • Global Public LoRaWAN Expands by 66% in 3 Years

    The LoRa Alliance reports a remarkable 66% surge in global public LoRaWAN deployments over the past three years, driven by diverse network operators and versatile infrastructure solutions.

    2023-07-30 admin

  • LoRa Alliance® Unveils IPv6 Over LoRaWAN® for Expanded IoT Markets

    LoRa Alliance® introduces IPv6 over LoRaWAN®, extending IoT applications to smart meters, smart buildings, logistics, and homes. This development allows seamless integration with IP-based solutions, accelerating digital transformation and reducing time-to-market for developers.

    2023-07-30 admin

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