• Smart City and Healthcare with LoRa Technology: Enhancing Lives with IoT

    Discover how LoRa technology revolutionizes smart city infrastructure, healthcare, and agriculture. Explore real-life applications and the positive impact on urban development and healthcare.

    2023-07-30 admin

  • Smart Water Metering: Efficient Water Management System for a Sustainable Future

    Discover the Smart Water Meter System - a wireless solution for automated water meter readings, comprehensive data analysis, and efficient water management. Monitor water usage behaviors and ensure home security with real-time alerts. Access current and historical data through your mobile phone.

    2023-07-30 Hiotech.net

  • Enhancing Safety with LoRa Circuit Breakers: A Smart Solution

    Discover the power of LoRa Circuit Breakers - compact and smart air circuit breakers equipped with LoraWAN communication technology. Ensure electrical safety with real-time monitoring, pre-alarm functions, and data analysis for voltage, current, and more through a cloud platform.

    2023-07-30 admin

  • Advancing Digital Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

    Discover the amazing Bio-Capsule technology for cattle health monitoring! Track position, temperature, digestion, and more. LoRa-powered data analysis ensures accurate insights. Improve livestock management and enhance feed formula with this innovative IoT solution. Get reliable traceability data for consumers and industry needs.

    2023-07-27 admin

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