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2023-07-27 10:06:43 admin

Smart and IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN Technology

Put a large "capsule" into the cow's stomach, and you can keep track of the cow's position, body temperature, posture, as well as detailed information such as digestion, illness, estrus, and pregnancy. Isn't this capsule amazing? This is not a sci-fi imagination, but a "black technology" that has been put into use - Bio-Capsule.

The cow stomach electric capsule can obtain health data from the cow's rumen, and the acceleration sensor in it can monitor the cow's activity steps and activity. The gyroscope sensor can monitor the speed value of the cow's activity and master the posture of the cow walking, sitting and lying down. A temperature sensor monitors the temperature of the cow's stomach. The methane sensor monitors the amount of methane gas produced by the cow's stomach. The pH sensor can monitor the pH concentration of the cow's stomach, and then grasp the digestion of the cow. In this way, it can predict the health status of cattle, manage the estrus and calving time of cattle, perceive gastric acid value, improve feed formula, and prevent cattle gastric acidosis.

Bio-Capsule obtains relevant data from the capsule sensor installed in the rumen of cattle, and sends it to the server by LoRa technology for data analysis to determine the health status of the cattle.

The large-scale application of bio-capsules can not only provide data support for scientific research institutes, banks, insurance companies, veterinary drug companies, and feed companies, but also provide safe and reliable traceability data for consumers and government management departments.

Smart and IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN Technology