Revolutionize Your Parking Experience with LoRaWAN Smart Parking Sensors

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Are you tired of endlessly circling parking lots in search of a vacant spot? Frustrated with the lack of real-time parking information? has the solution you've been waiting for: LoRaWAN Smart Parking Sensors.

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Introducing LoRaWAN Smart Parking Sensors

Our cutting-edge DC-10 Smart Parking Sensor combines innovative technology with practicality, providing a seamless parking experience for both drivers and parking operators. Whether you manage a public parking lot, a shopping mall, or a corporate garage, our LoRaWAN Smart Parking Sensors are designed to transform the way you approach parking management.

How It Works

These sensors utilize electromagnetic induction to detect the presence or absence of vehicles in parking spaces. Thanks to LoRaWAN wireless technology, this data is transmitted in real-time to a central server. This means that parking operators can now monitor parking space occupancy and provide drivers with up-to-the-minute information about available parking spots.

The Benefits

Real-time Parking Availability Monitoring: Say goodbye to circling aimlessly. Our sensors keep drivers informed about parking space availability, reducing frustration and congestion.

Parking Guidance Systems: Integration with parking guidance systems guides drivers directly to available spots, minimizing search times and improving the overall parking experience.

Parking Enforcement: These sensors can also be used to enforce parking regulations. No more unauthorized parking in reserved spots or overstaying time limits.

Data-Driven Decisions: With LoRaWAN parking sensors, you gain access to valuable data on parking occupancy rates, average parking durations, and more. Use this information to optimize parking layouts and improve overall management.

Technical Excellence

Our LoRaWAN Smart Parking Sensors feature a low-power consumption algorithm, ensuring the internal battery can operate for over three years with just 2 daily data uploads. They are designed for durability, with an IP68 protection level that makes them suitable for outdoor environments.

Smart Parking Solutions | LoRaWAN Parking Sensors |


At, we understand that different parking facilities have unique needs. That's why we offer OEM customization services to tailor our LoRaWAN Smart Parking Sensors to your specific requirements.

Don't wait any longer to revolutionize your parking experience. Contact today and discover the future of parking management with LoRaWAN Smart Parking Sensors. Say goodbye to parking hassles and hello to efficient, data-driven parking solutions.

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