LoRaWAN Enabled SW-200 Smartwatch: Revolutionizing Senior Care with Intelligent Monitoring

2023-09-06 11:18:46 admin

HKT's LoRaWAN Enabled SW-200 Smartwatch: Revolutionizing Senior Care with Intelligent Monitoring

HKT brings innovation to senior care with the SW-200, an intelligent LoRaWAN enabled smartwatch packed with safety and wellness features for the elderly. Equipped with robust connectivity, precise tracking, comprehensive health monitoring, and SOS alerting, the SW-200 delivers round-the-clock protection and insightful analytics for proactive care.

Smart and IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN Technology

Always Connected with Reliable LoRaWAN Network

The SW-200 harnesses the power of LoRaWAN technology to communicate safely over long distances without wasting battery life. It maintains a steady uplink to the dashboard even in crowded urban settings up to 1 km away. LoRaWAN's low power wide area network provides consistent and interference-resistant connectivity for real-time monitoring.

Indoor-Outdoor Location Tracking for Peace of Mind

By integrating multi-mode positioning with GPS, BeiDou, WiFi and motion sensors, the SW-200 achieves highly accurate tracking both indoors and outdoors. Caregivers can view seniors' real-time location on digital maps to ensure safety and respond quickly during emergencies. Geofencing features provide alerts when seniors wander out of designated areas.

Vital Health Metrics for Holistic Care

The SW-200 keeps close tabs on six key health indicators - heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen saturation, sleep patterns and step count. Continuous monitoring coupled with real-time anomaly alerts provides data-driven insights to improve care quality and health outcomes.

Assistance at Your Fingertips with SOS Button

In case of a fall or medical emergency, seniors can immediately trigger the SOS alarm via the prominent button on the SW-200. This sends an alert to caregivers, allowing them to take swift action and provide necessary assistance. The 24/7 responsiveness brings peace of mind.

Optimized for Daily Use with Long Battery Life

The high capacity Li-ion battery delivers up to 7 days of regular monitoring per charge. Combined with convenient magnetic charging, the SW-200 integrates seamlessly into seniors' everyday lives with minimal interruptions. Seniors receive timely low battery notifications to ensure they remain connected.

Safeguard your seniors with round-the-clock intelligent monitoring and emergency support with HKT's SW-200. Contact us to learn more.