Compass LoRaWAN GPS Tracker: The Ultimate Real-Time Tracking Solution

2023-09-19 10:16:15 admin


The Compass LoRaWAN GPS Tracker is the most advanced real-time tracking solution on the market. It uses LoRaWAN technology to provide long range, low power tracking for assets, vehicles, and people.

Compass LoRaWAN GPS Tracker: Long Range, Low Power Tracking for Assets, Vehicles, and People


  • Long Range Communication: LoRa GPS Tracker utilizes Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology, which enables it to transmit data over long distances, up to 15 km in rural areas and 2-5 km in urban areas.

  • Low Power Consumption: LoRa GPS Trackers are designed to be energy-efficient, allowing them to work on a single battery charge for extended periods.

  • Cost-Effective: LoRa technology enables low-cost deployment of GPS tracking solutions compared to traditional cellular networks.

  • Increased Network Capacity: LoRa supports a large number of connected devices, making it suitable for IoT applications.

  • Reliable Data Transmission: LoRa utilizes advanced error correction techniques, ensuring reliable and accurate data transmission even in challenging environments.

  • Secure Communications: LoRa provides secure communication between devices through encryption and authentication mechanisms.

Compass LoRaWAN GPS Tracker: Long Range, Low Power Tracking for Assets, Vehicles, and People


Compass LoRaWAN GPS Tracker is ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Asset tracking: Track the location of vehicles, equipment, or other assets.

  • Personnel tracking: Keep track of employees, children, or elderly relatives.

  • Outdoor activities: Stay connected in remote areas and send SOS alerts in emergencies.

  • Fleet management: Track the location of vehicles in a fleet.

  • Logistics: Track the movement of goods and deliveries.


Compass LoRaWAN GPS Tracker is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to track assets, vehicles, or people in real time. It is the most advanced tracking solution on the market, offering long range, low power, cost-effectiveness, and reliable data transmission.