Smart Park Solution: Empowering Green and Efficient Energy Consumption Management

2023-07-24 09:21:09 admin

With the release of the "Action Plan for Carbon Dioxide Peaking Before 2030" by the State Council, the race to accelerate the green and low-carbon revolution has begun. This has led to the construction of carbon peaking pilot parks, integrating carbon neutrality and emission peak into the economic and social development target system. Notably, the development of smart parks and smart buildings has been significantly expedited.

Smart and IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN Technology

The management and control of building energy consumption within smart parks play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions. Traditionally, energy consumption management in smart parks has been rudimentary, limited to monitoring without centralized distribution and effective energy utilization. The pressing challenge lies in quantifying energy consumption and emissions for each time period and scene within park buildings, and implementing refined management strategies to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.

Enter the HKT Smart Park Solution, a visionary approach combining IoT, artificial intelligence, and big data technologies with energy consumption management. It establishes a multi-platform and multi-scenario integrated energy management system, encompassing security, access control, fire protection, lighting, parking, and more. This solution can be applied to various facilities, such as industrial parks, office buildings, stadiums, hospitals, commercial complexes, and residential quarters. Through intelligent transformation, these buildings become part of a zero-carbon park that enables real-time monitoring, adjustment, and query of energy consumption.

Smart and IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN Technology

Utilizing the urban information model and an IoT system, the HKT Smart Park Solution analyzes energy consumption distribution in buildings. The system treats energy consumption data from park building elements (people, objects, equipment, and environment) as "individuals." Intelligent equipment, like temperature and humidity sensors, are employed to calculate energy consumption and carbon emissions. This data is then aggregated and displayed on a real-time platform, providing valuable insights for energy consumption strategies. Refined remote control of intelligent terminal equipment optimizes energy distribution, resulting in real-time monitoring and insight into energy flow, fostering energy conservation and emission reduction.

The system further enhances energy consumption perception by aggregating data from intelligent terminal equipment, creating a comprehensive and interconnected energy consumption heatmap. This enables accurate inventory and optimization of energy usage patterns. The system's deep analysis accurately predicts energy consumption patterns for different building scenarios, laying the foundation for informed energy allocation strategies.

Smart and IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN Technology

In conjunction with energy consumption optimization, the solution introduces smart and eco-friendly terminal equipment, renovates building facilities, and promotes energy conservation and emission reduction education for all park personnel. These multi-pronged approaches effectively improve energy consumption efficiency and reduce waste.

Through intelligent and digital management, buildings within smart parks become smarter and greener. Utilizing digital twin technology, the system portrays the park's unique energy consumption "portrait" by converting daily operation data into actionable insights. The result is a "safe, efficient, green, and comfortable" smart park that operates in a closed loop of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Smart and IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN Technology

Additionally, the smart park's construction opens up various business segment data, eliminating data silos. This supports real-time monitoring, historical playback, and simulation projection of building operations, including energy consumption and emissions. The comprehensive perception and research of the park's situation can improve overall public service efficiency.

Finally, the HKT Smart Park Solution provides intelligent settings for different building scenarios. For instance, in meeting rooms, one-click controls prepare the environment and automatically save energy after meetings. In offices, multi-dimensional environmental parameters are monitored and automatically adjusted for comfort and carbon reduction. Similarly, canteens and stairway passages benefit from intelligent management and energy-saving measures.

Embrace the future of smart parks with the HKT Smart Park Solution, where green and efficient energy consumption management paves the way to a sustainable world. Achieve carbon neutrality and environmental stewardship through advanced IoT integration and data-driven solutions.