Breathe Smarter Air with HKT's LoRaWAN Indoor Air Quality Sensor

2023-08-29 09:22:21 admin

Indoor air quality has a major impact on health, comfort, and cognitive function. Poor IAQ contributes to "sick building syndrome", allergies, and reduced productivity. To enable healthier indoor environments, HKT offers an innovative LoRaWAN enabled indoor air quality (IAQ) sensor.

The HKT IAQ sensor provides comprehensive real-time tracking of key parameters like airborne particulates (PM2.5/PM10), CO2, VOCs, ambient temperature and humidity. This enables smart ventilation, filtration and humidity control to create optimized air quality.

LoRaWAN enabled indoor air quality sensor installed in a building

Key features:

  • Accurate laser-based particulate sensing

  • NDIR CO2 monitoring

  • VOC and gas detection

  • Large range temperature and humidity measurement

  • LoRaWAN wireless connectivity

  • 5 km communication in open areas

  • Easy installation, wall mountable

  • 1+ year battery life

An integrated display clearly shows PM2.5, CO2 levels and more even in sunlight. When thresholds are exceeded, the IAQ sensor sends alerts allowing for corrective actions like air purifier activation.

With robust performance from -20°C to 60°C, it is suited for diverse environments - homes, offices, hospitals, factories and more. HKT provides end-to-end quality assurance and pre/post-sales support.

Breathe easier and work smarter with HKT's LoRaWAN enabled IAQ sensor for indoor air quality monitoring. Please contact us on to learn more!