Discover the Future of Indoor Air Quality Monitoring with HKT's LoRaWAN IAQ-1000 Sensor

2023-08-29 09:15:30 admin

Introduction: presents the IAQ-1000 Indoor Air Quality Sensor by HKT - a cutting-edge solution that brings intelligence to your environment. With compact design and LoRaWAN technology, this sensor provides real-time insights into temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, PM2.5, and more. Elevate comfort and efficiency through our smart IoT solutions. Ideal for diverse applications including homes, offices, industries, and outdoor spaces.

LoRaWAN IAQ-1000 Indoor Air Quality Sensor:

Revolutionizing indoor air quality assessment, the IAQ-1000 sensor is a testament to HKT's expertise in IoT innovation. This compact wonder provides instant data on temperature, humidity, light, CO2 concentration, HCHO/O3 levels, TVOC, barometric pressure, PM2.5, PM10, and motion. Its E-ink screen displays these vital metrics, enabling precise measurement of indoor environments. From homes to hospitals, classrooms to offices, the IAQ-1000 series is the cornerstone of enhanced air quality management.

LoRaWAN Indoor Air Quality Sensor | IAQ-1000 | HKT Smart Solutions

Smart Features:

  1. Seamless Installation: Effortless mounting via 3M adhesive or screws.

  2. Unprecedented Range: Communicates up to 5 km in open environments.

  3. Prolonged Battery Life: Powered by 4 AAA alkaline batteries, ensuring over 1 year of continuous use.

  4. Real-time Data Display: E-ink screen provides instant updates even in direct sunlight.

  5. Safety Alerts: Buzzer notifications for environmental quality changes, promoting a secure environment.

  6. Comprehensive Monitoring: High-precision sensors cover formaldehyde, ozone, PM2.5 & PM10, temperature, humidity, light, CO2, atmospheric pressure, and TVOC. Ideal for thorough indoor environment monitoring.

  7. Universal Compatibility: Seamlessly interfaces with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and third-party network server platforms.

  8. Effortless Integration: Connects smoothly to HKT LoRaWAN® gateway and cloud platform, no additional configuration required.

  9. Aesthetic Design: Visually pleasing three-dimensional structure adds an element of elegance.

Tailored Solutions:

HKT offers personalized services including ODM, pre-sales consultation, after-sales support, and technology guidance, ensuring a seamless experience.

Product Specifications:

  • Explore the tech prowess of the IAQ-1000:

  • Model: IAQ-1000

  • Communication: Standard LoRaWAN Protocol

  • Frequency: EU868, CN470, IN865, US915, AU915, AS923

  • Tx Power: 18.5±1dBm (max)

  • Sensitivity: -135±1dBm @SF=12

  • Activation: OTAA/ABP Class A/Class C

  • Display: 4.2-inch Black & White E-Ink Screen

  • Power Supply: 4 AAA large-capacity batteries/Type-C power supply (5V/1A)

  • Dimensions: 115 × 109 × 23 mm

  • Installation: 3M glue fixed or screw fixed wall mounting


The IAQ-1000 transforms air quality management across various domains:

  1. Homes: Maintain optimal conditions for comfort.

  2. Commercial Spaces: Foster healthier environments in offices, schools, and hospitals.

  3. Industries: Ensure safety by monitoring factories, warehouses, and mines.

  4. Agriculture: Improve yields by controlling conditions in greenhouses and animal enclosures.

  5. Transportation: Guarantee comfort during travel by monitoring vehicle conditions.

  6. Outdoors: Elevate public spaces' air quality for healthier outdoor experiences.

Elevate your space's air quality with HKT's IAQ-1000 Indoor Air Quality Sensor. Learn more at and revolutionize your environment today.