Unlocking Comprehensive Remote Monitoring with LoRaWAN Sensors

2023-09-20 11:58:37 admin

Maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels is vital across applications from warehousing to greenhouses. However, traditional on-site manual monitoring poses challenges with lack of real-time data and extensive labor needs. This is where long-range LoRaWAN sensors integrated with GPS tracking provide a breakthrough remote monitoring solution.

LoRaWAN Temperature Humidity Sensors | Automated Monitoring

Limitations of Conventional Monitoring

Legacy approaches face several constraints:

  • No Real-Time Visibility - Data is only available during on-site personnel visits.

  • Latency in Detecting Anomalies - Issues escalate before being spotted manually.

  • No Centralized Data - Information remains fragmented and siloed.

  • Labor-Intensive - Frequent site visits are needed for data collection.

  • Limited Analytics - Hard to identify trends without continuous data.

  • No Location Context - Ambient conditions lack corresponding location data.

  • Reactive Maintenance - Actions only after problems arise.

These gaps underscore the need for round-the-clock automated monitoring.

LoRaWAN Temperature Humidity Sensors | Automated Monitoring

How lorawan sensors Provide the Breakthrough

Long-range, low-power LoRaWAN technology coupled with GPS integration overcomes traditional barriers:

Real-Time Wireless Transmission

LoRaWAN instantly transmits sensor data to the cloud over miles.

Years of Operation on Batteries

Ultra-low power consumption removes need for battery changes.

Rugged and Waterproof

Robust IP67 rated enclosures allow hassle-free installation.

Automated Location Tracking

Integrated GPS pinpoints each sensor's coordinates.

Centralized Cloud Dashboard

All data aggregated in one intuitive platform for visibility.

Custom Analytics and Alerts

Configure to extract insights and trigger notifications.

Minimal Manual Intervention

Sensors run independently once deployed.

LoRaWAN Temperature Humidity Sensors | Automated Monitoring

HKT's LoRaWAN Sensor Provides:

  • Precision temperature measurement from -30°C to 70°C

  • Accurate humidity reading from 0% to 100% RH

  • GPS and accelerometer for real-time location and motion detection

  • IP67 rating for dust-proof and waterproof protection

  • 8000 mAh battery for over 3 years of continuous operation

  • 19 dBm transmission power for up to 11 km communication range

  • Compatibility with any LoRaWAN gateway and network server

LoRaWAN Temperature Humidity Sensors | Automated Monitoring

Unlock Visibility to Optimize Efficiency

Benefits enabled across applications:

  • Warehouses - Ensure optimal storage conditions for inventory.

  • Crops - Maintain ideal humidity and soil moisture for healthy growth.

  • Greenhouses - Sustain temperatures for maximum yield.

  • Museums - Preserve delicate artifacts by monitoring exhibit conditions.

  • Data Centers - Prevent overheating of sensitive computer hardware.

  • Logistics - Verify refrigerated supply chain integrity.


LoRaWAN integrated sensors allow easy deployment of self-contained, long-life devices transmitting location-tagged temperature and humidity data in real time for cloud-based monitoring. HKT's solution unlocksround-the-clock visibility and insights to optimize efficiency. Contact us to discover how our sensors can benefit your application!