Revolutionizing Gas Monitoring: The LoRaWAN Steel Cased Diaphragm Gas Meter

2023-09-05 11:35:42 admin

Are you tired of the hassle of manual gas meter readings? Do you want to ensure the safety and efficiency of gas usage in your home or business? Look no further. The LoRaWAN Steel Cased Diaphragm Gas Meter is here to transform the way you monitor and manage your gas consumption.

LoRaWAN Steel Cased Diaphragm Gas Meter - Smart Gas Monitoring

The Future of Gas Metering

In a world where technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, it's essential that our utility systems keep up. The LoRaWAN Steel Cased Diaphragm Gas Meter represents the cutting edge of gas metering technology. Let's dive into its key features and specifications that set it apart.

Key Features

  1. Remote Wireless Meter Reading:

    Say goodbye to the days of manual meter readings. With this innovative gas meter, you can monitor your gas usage from the comfort of your home or office. No more scheduling appointments or waiting for meter readers to arrive.

  2. Precision Diaphragm Technology:

    Accuracy is paramount when it comes to gas metering. The LoRaWAN gas meter utilizes precision diaphragm technology to ensure that every cubic meter of gas is measured with the utmost precision, giving you peace of mind about your billing accuracy.

  3. Gas Usage Monitoring and Analytics:

    Understanding your gas consumption patterns is key to efficient resource management. This meter provides real-time data and analytics to help you make informed decisions about your gas usage.

  4. Improved Meter Reading Efficiency:

    Time is money, and our gas meter saves you both. With remote reading and accurate data transmission, you can streamline your billing and avoid unnecessary delays.

  5. Ensured Gas Usage Safety:

    Safety is non-negotiable when it comes to gas. The LoRaWAN meter continuously monitors gas usage, helping to prevent dangerous leaks or anomalies that could put your household or business at risk.


Performance Parameters:

  • G1.6: Minimum flow - 0.016M³/h | Maximum flow - 2.5M³/h

  • G2.5: Minimum flow - 0.025M³/h | Maximum flow - 4M³/h

  • G4: Minimum flow - 0.04M³/h | Maximum flow - 6M³/h

Cyclotron Volume (Vc): 1.2dm3

Maximum Allowable Error: ±1.5% (0.1qmax≤q≤qmax) | ±3% (qmin≤q≤0.1qmax)

Maximum Working Pressure: ≤50kPa

Pressure Loss: ≤200kPa

Sealing: Withstands 75 kPa pressure for 3 minutes without leakage

Durability: Runs for 2000 hours, meeting all performance indicators

Ambient Temperature Range: -10° to 40°

Center Distance of Meter Joint: 130mm

Joint Screw: M30*2mm

External Connection Screw Thread: DN15

Outline Dimensions (LBH): 203mm x 130mm x 225mm

Weight: 2kg

Ingress Protection: IP54

Installation: 3M glue fixed, screw fixed, or screw fixed wall mounting

Communication: Standard LoRaWAN Protocol

Applications and Customization

The applications of the LoRaWAN Steel Cased Diaphragm Gas Meter are diverse and cater to both households and businesses:

  • Household Gas Monitoring:

    Keep tabs on your home's gas consumption and ensure your family's safety.

  • Business Gas Usage Accounting:

    Efficiently manage gas expenses for your business with accurate data.

  • Remote Gas Regulation:

    Take control of gas regulation without physical intervention.

We also offer OEM customization services for LoRaWAN gas meters. Contact us to discuss how we can tailor our technology to your specific needs.


In a world where every bit of efficiency counts, the LoRaWAN Steel Cased Diaphragm Gas Meter stands as a beacon of innovation. Its seamless remote reading, precision technology, and safety features make it a game-changer in gas metering. Say goodbye to the old way of managing gas consumption and embrace the future with our cutting-edge meter.

LoRaWAN Steel Cased Diaphragm Gas Meter - Smart Gas Monitoring

Upgrade your gas management today. Click "Learn More" and let us guide you toward a safer, more efficient future with the LoRaWAN Steel Cased Diaphragm Gas Meter.