HKT's LoRaWAN Enabled IAQ Sensor For Smart Air Quality Management

2023-09-07 09:34:35 admin

Maintaining healthy and comfortable indoor air is crucial, yet challenging without real-time monitoring and control. HKT brings smart air quality management within reach through the IAQ-1000 - an innovative LoRaWAN enabled air quality sensor that delivers comprehensive data for optimized environments.

HKT's LoRaWAN Enabled IAQ Sensor For Smart Air Quality Management

Multi-Parameter Monitoring for Complete Analysis

The IAQ-1000 leverages advanced sensing technology to continuously measure:

  • Temperature & Humidity - Ensure occupant comfort.

  • PM2.5 & PM10 - Detect particulate matter for assessing air purity.

  • Formaldehyde & Ozone - Monitor hazardous gases that impact health.

  • CO2 - Identify ventilation issues indicating stale air.

  • VOCs - Trace volatile organic compounds that cause odors.

  • Atmospheric Pressure - Forecast weather changes that affect comfort.

  • Light Exposure - Adjust artificial lighting for visual acuity.

  • Motion - Understand room occupancy for smart ventilation control.

This extensive monitoring paints a complete picture for pinpointing issues and taking corrective actions to enhance indoor air quality.

LoRaWAN Connectivity for Real-Time Insights

The long-range LoRaWAN wireless connectivity transmits data instantly to the cloud for centralized monitoring. The e-ink display provides real-time parameter visibility even in sunlight. Instant alerts notify of any anomalies, allowing rapid response.

Optimized for Daily Use with Compact Design

The sleek and compact form factor with multiple mounting options enables seamless integration into various environments. Long battery life exceeding 1 year reduces maintenance overhead. The durable IP65 enclosure allows reliable usage across diverse indoor and outdoor settings.

HKT's LoRaWAN Enabled IAQ Sensor For Smart Air Quality Management

Actionable Analytics for Informed Management

The user-friendly HKT IoT cloud centralizes data, generating actionable insights through visual dashboards. Data-driven analysis identifies issues and trends, guiding interventions for optimizing indoor air quality and occupant health.

Attain 24/7 visibility and control over indoor environments with HKT's IAQ-1000 sensor. Contact us today to make indoor air quality management smart and simple.