Global Public LoRaWAN Expands by 66% in 3 Years

2023-07-30 11:16:48 admin

The LoRa Alliance recently revealed an impressive 66% growth in the number of public LoRaWAN networks worldwide over the past three years.

Smart and IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN Technology

Traditionally, public LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) deployments were mainly led by mobile network operators (MNOs). However, the recent surge has been propelled by non-MNOs who are investing in dedicated infrastructure to cater to the escalating demands of LPWAN IoT. The competitive edge of LoRaWAN lies in its inclusive approach, accommodating public, community, satellite, private, and hybrid networks.

Donna Moore, CEO and Chair of the LoRa Alliance, commented, "LoRaWAN network operators are innovating new infrastructure solutions to meet the evolving needs of the IoT landscape. This dynamic evolution of networks and providers is a strong indicator of a thriving market. The flexibility and agility of these new networks allow them to surpass the limitations of traditional infrastructures, leading to profitable business models and meeting the ever-changing demands of LPWAN IoT deployments. LoRaWAN stands out as the only LPWAN technology supporting various network types, interoperability, and roaming between networks, which will continue to drive robust growth in LoRaWAN network capacity."

Present-day agile network operators benefit from expanding coverage and accessibility requirements across the globe. The low-cost, easily deployable, and flexible nature of LoRaWAN infrastructure has been instrumental in driving its strong growth. Enterprises are increasingly turning to LoRaWAN's versatile infrastructure solutions to leverage the vast LPWAN market opportunities, further fostering the growth of the emerging IoT market.

According to Steve Hoffenberg of VDC Research, a market research firm, "By 2025, LPWAN devices will exceed 2 billion installations. LoRaWAN's low cost, adaptability to public and private networks, and satellite communication capabilities offer unique value, driving LPWAN market growth by connecting an extensive range of devices and locations."

Moore continued, "Evolving markets inspire innovation within the ecosystem. The diversity of IoT use cases demands the flexibility and choices that LoRaWAN provides. With hundreds of members spanning various verticals and developing numerous solutions, we aim to enhance lives, improve businesses, and drive profits. LoRaWAN's innovation, open global ecosystem, and adaptability to various business models will undoubtedly continue to position it as the market leader in LPWAN.