LoRaWAN Water Pressure and Level Sensor for Fire Hydrant Monitoring

2023-08-31 09:33:27 admin

The LoRaWAN Water Pressure and Level Sensor is a wireless sensor that provides real-time monitoring of fire hydrants. It is IP67 rated, making it dustproof and waterproof, and can withstand temperatures from -35°C to 75°C. It has a large 2M data storage capacity, which can store over 5 years of data. The sensor is also low power, with a battery life of 3-5 years. It supports remote configuration and firmware updates.

LoRaWAN Water Pressure and Level Sensor for Fire Hydrant Monitoring

Key Features:

  • LoRaWAN wireless connectivity

  • IP67 protection rating

  • Wide operating temperature range (-35°C to 75°C)

  • 2M data storage

  • Low power consumption

  • Remote configuration and firmware updates


  • Automatically and regularly collects data such as the water pressure and water level of fire hydrants at the metering point to achieve the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and reliability of data collection.

  • Regularly reports fire hydrant water level status, battery power, signal strength, and other data.

  • Built-in lithium battery power supply (38Ah/57Ah optional), can also support external power supply, multiple power management modes.

  • The equipment can realize the self-inspection of the power supply voltage and equipment status, analyze information such as faults, and find abnormalities in time.

  • Support battery voltage reporting function.

  • Comes with a screen, which can display data such as networking status, current liquid level value, battery voltage, etc. The screen is 128*64 dot matrix.

  • The range of the liquid level transmitter is optional, and the default configuration is 5 meters.


  • Smart fire hydrant monitoring

  • IoT water system management

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Industrial process monitoring

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