Accurate Water Monitoring with HKT's LoRaWAN Pressure and Level Sensors

2023-08-31 10:20:25 admin

Monitoring water levels and pressure is critical for optimizing pipelines, reservoirs, treatment facilities and more. HIoTech offers integrated LoRaWAN-enabled water pressure and level sensors to provide automated, real-time data on critical water infrastructure.

The industrial-grade sensors deliver reliable performance with IP67 rating, wide -35°C to +75°C temperature range, and robust ABS-aluminum housing. Large 2MB built-in data logging enables 5+ years of historical data storage and analysis.

Automated Water Monitoring with LoRaWAN Sensors

Key Features:

  • Water pressure and level measurement

  • LoRaWAN wireless connectivity

  • Industrial grade for harsh environments

  • 2MB data storage for 5+ year logging

  • Ultra low power design for long battery life

  • Remote firmware updates

Regular data on pressure, level, battery life, signal strength and more is transmitted over LoRaWAN to the cloud platform, accessible from any web browser. Customizable alarms provide early warning on abnormalities.

Ideal for smart water management across:

  • Municipal water networks

  • Water treatment plants

  • Sewage systems

  • Hydrant monitoring

  • Hydroelectric systems

  • Industrial processes

Accurate insights coupled with hassle-free battery replacement at 3-5 years reduces operating costs. HKT delivers the future of smart water infrastructure monitoring.

Learn more at or contact us for customizable LoRaWAN water monitoring solutions.