Revolutionizing Hydrant Monitoring: LoRaWAN Water Pressure and Level Sensor

2023-08-31 09:45:48 admin

At Hiotech, we bring you cutting-edge solutions that redefine efficiency and reliability. Presenting the LoRaWAN Water Pressure and Level Sensor, a revolutionary device designed to provide real-time monitoring for fire hydrants.

LoRaWAN Water Pressure and Level Sensor | Advanced Hydrant Monitoring

Enhancing Fire Hydrant Monitoring with LoRaWAN Technology

Our integrated LoRaWAN water pressure and level sensor is a game-changer in fire hydrant monitoring. With an impressive IP67 rating, it offers unparalleled dustproof and waterproof performance, ensuring seamless operation even in challenging environments. The sensor's industrial-grade design can withstand a wide temperature range, from -35°C to 75°C, making it ideal for various conditions.

Empowering Data Collection and Analysis

With a remarkable 2M data storage capacity, our sensor is equipped to store over 5 years of vital data, enabling you to track and analyze water pressure and level trends accurately. Thanks to its low power consumption, you can enjoy 3-5 years of battery life, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Smart Features for Effortless Monitoring

HKT's lorawan sensor offers more than just data collection. Enjoy the convenience of remote parameter configuration and firmware updates, allowing you to adapt to changing needs effortlessly. The sensor's regular reporting of water level status, battery power, and signal strength ensures that you're always informed about crucial information.

Versatile Applications for a Connected World

The applications of our LoRaWAN Water Pressure and Level Sensor are vast. From smart fire hydrant monitoring and IoT water system management to environmental monitoring and industrial process tracking, our sensor is the epitome of versatility and reliability.

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