LoRaWAN Smart Greenhouse Monitoring - HKT IoT Solutions

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In the face of global food supply challenges, especially in Africa, traditional agricultural methods are insufficient. To ensure a stable agricultural commodity supply regardless of weather conditions, smart greenhouses with controlled environments are the way forward. HKT introduces an innovative solution using LoRaWAN technology to address the challenges faced in environmental monitoring and automation within modern sawtooth greenhouses. By leveraging this IoT solution, farmers can optimize operations, enhance food production, and achieve self-sustainability.

LoRaWAN Smart Greenhouse Monitoring - HKT IoT Solutions

Challenges & Solutions:

Manual Operation System:

The lack of automation in the ventilation system, controlled by motors and fans, causes inconvenience for workers who need to manually adjust settings daily. The LoRaWAN-based system automates these processes, enabling remote control and reducing human intervention.

Manual Data Collection:

Monitoring temperature and humidity manually leads to production inefficiencies. The LoRaWAN solution provides real-time data collection, offering insights for better decision-making and future research.

Increased Manpower Expenses:

Operating large-scale greenhouses demands substantial manpower, affecting efficiency and increasing costs. The LoRaWAN solution streamlines operations, reducing the need for excessive labor.

Risk of Contamination:

A non-invasive wireless solution is essential to maintain ongoing greenhouse productivity without disrupting the environment. LoRaWAN's wireless communication ensures a seamless deployment.

Automating Mechanism:

The LoRaWAN-based solution offers an integrated system for environmental monitoring and ventilation, enabling automatic control of motors and fans based on precise climate parameters.

Data Management & Benefits:

With the easy installation process and cloud-based application (HKT IoT Cloud), users can access real-time updates and remotely activate controllers. Data visualization through graphs facilitates comparisons and helps identify potential issues, ensuring optimal plant health.

Benefits of LoRaWAN-Based Solution:

LoRaWAN Smart Greenhouse Monitoring - HKT IoT Solutions

LoRaWAN Smart Greenhouse Monitoring - HKT IoT Solutions

Non-Invasive and Wide Coverage:

LoRaWAN's wireless network provides extensive coverage for large greenhouses, allowing seamless data sharing within the monitoring network.

High Flexibility and Low Maintenance:

Battery-powered sensors eliminate the need for cables and electricity, offering high accuracy and easy relocation as needed.

Minimum Human Interference:

Automated environmental control optimizes temperature, humidity, light, and soil moisture levels, reducing labor requirements and increasing overall efficiency.

LoRaWAN Smart Greenhouse Monitoring - HKT IoT Solutions


With LoRaWAN-based smart greenhouse monitoring systems, farmers can embrace a more efficient, sustainable, and technologically advanced approach to agriculture. HKT's solution empowers growers to overcome challenges and achieve higher yields, contributing to a more secure and stable food supply for the future.