Empowering Ranchers with LoRaWAN Cattle Tracking Solutions

2023-07-25 20:04:53 admin

People have relied on intuition, collective knowledge, and sensory cues to make informed decisions in animal farming for thousands of years. However, with rising food demand and advancements in smart technologies, LoRaWAN has the potential to transform the way we raise animals.

Smart and IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN Technology

For ranchers, tracking cattle over vast areas, especially in free-range feeding styles, presents a significant challenge. The HKT LoRaWAN GPS Tracker offers a solution by enabling cattle tracking and tracing over long distances, even in remote areas with no mobile coverage. It provides actionable insights and alerts, empowering ranchers to run more efficient beef enterprises. The trackers, the size of standard management tags, are easily applied using regular applicators and are powered by a 4000mAh battery, lasting up to 5 years.

With LoRaWAN technology, you can create your own network, eliminating the need for cellular coverage from a telecom provider. This allows for easy data transfer over long distances, up to 8 kilometers line of sight, especially in remote areas. Simply set up antennas where there is 3G/4G signal or internet from the homestead to connect your entire property.

Electric geo-fencing alerts provide instant notifications if cattle jump fences or if there's a potential theft. This added layer of security ensures you're always informed about the safety and whereabouts of your cattle.

Discover the possibilities of LoRaWAN powered cattle tracking solutions and revolutionize your ranch monitoring experience. Invest in the HKT LoRaWAN GPS Tracker for efficient remote cattle tracking and enhanced ranch management.

Smart and IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN Technology