LoRaWAN Smart Circuit Breaker

The LoRaWAN smart circuit breaker enables wireless remote monitoring and control of circuits. Real-time current metering, overload protection, and smart energy management provide intelligent and safe electricity distribution.

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  • Brand: HKT
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  • Application: Smart energy
  • Packing way: Carton box
  • Warranty: 1 year

Remotely Monitor and Manage Circuits with LoRaWAN Smart Circuit Breaker

LoRaWAN Electric Motor Smart Circuit Breaker | Remote Control & Metering | Earth Leakage Function

The LoRaWAN smart circuit breaker allows remote wireless monitoring and management of electrical circuits through cloud connectivity. Key features include:

  • Real-time current monitoring and metering.

  • Wireless data transmission over LoRaWAN.

  • Overload and trip alarms to prevent hazards.

  • Remote setup, alerts, and control.

With wireless communication to the cloud, live energy usage data can be viewed and status notifications received anywhere. Configurable overload protection automatically opens circuits when unsafe amperage is detected, preventing damage.

Advanced load balancing and shedding capabilities optimize energy distribution during peak demand. No more risks from blind overloads or wasted site visits to check meters!

LoRaWAN smart circuit breaker product imageLoRaWAN smart circuit breaker product image

LoRaWAN smart circuit breaker product image

LoRaWAN smart circuit breaker product image

LoRaWAN smart circuit breaker product image

LoRaWAN smart circuit breaker product image


  • Remote wireless monitoring and control.

  • Overload protection enhances safety.

  • Current metering enables energy analytics.

  • Smart load management capabilities.

Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Custom LoRaWAN circuit breaker solutions available.


Local leakage self-testSupport self-test by manual
Mobile phone operating leakage self-testSupport self-check by mobile application
Leakage self-testSupport any specified date and time every month detection automatically
Delivery of current automaticallySupport automatic delivery of current after self-test
Voltage, current, leakage current monitoringSupport query of voltage, current and leakage current data in real time
PowerSet the reached power valu cut-off
Short Circuit Protection5-10 times rated current,
0.04secs short circuit protection
Leakage protection30mAh leak current,0.1seconds circuit protection
Overload Protectionset rated current value,rated load power-off protection
Lack-voltage alarmvoltage<100V alarm
Overvoltage protectionvoltage>250V/430V alarm,voltage>263V/456 power off protection
Outage alarmstrike a light alarm
Over temperature protectionmonitoring the temperature in real-time;>70℃ alarm,>90℃blackout
Lightning surge protectionbleeder current 15KA
Push by manualOn/off control
Electric controlOn/off control
Mobile Remote controlOn/off control
Security Messages recordingSupports 12 months
Mobile APP ManagementSupport customer power safety and energy consumption management
PMSProperty current and voltage load fluctuation, electricity alarm
Battery LeftSupport power metering, recording hourly, daily and monthly,12 months can be queried
OIT InterfaceTCP/IP,RS485,Zigbee,NB-lot,2G
Connect Video SurveillanceSupport docking app with any brand
Centralized managementSupport centralized statistical analysis of smart power management &safety supervision platform



Our best smart circuit breakers can be installed at the home power inlet side to measure electrical energy and remotely monitor status. At the same time, protect people and family property.


Installed in the guest room power distribution network. Smart circuit breakers not only protect people, but also protect hotel property. At the same time, it can minimize outages caused by anomalies, so as to improve customer satisfaction.


It is uniformly installed in the power distribution box in the corridor to protect the property safety of tenants and landlords. Smart circuit breakers not only realize the power metering and pre-payment functions, but also realize the purpose of recharging the electricity bill before use.

Park lighting

Smart circuit breakers can also be installed in distribution boxes outside the park. Able to remotely control street lights. Based on the timing function of the cloud platform, the street lamp can be powered and turned off regularly every day.


The distribution box is generally installed on the utility pole next to the farm to realize the remote control of street lamps and single metering.

Remotely Monitor and Manage Circuits with LoRaWAN Smart Circuit Breaker

Company Introduction:

Hunan HKT Technology Co. ltd. was Founded in 2010, We are a professional provider of comprehensive software and hardware solutions for smart cities in China, Focusing on R&D, manufacturing and sales of Smart loT devices based on LoRaWAN technology.

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HKT is an advance LoRaWAN Industrial Solutions providers and HKT cooperates with the local government.

HKT focus on IoT application researches, smart industry solutions and smart applications in the field of IoT. we are committed to provide one-stop solution for LoRaWAN connectivity from sensor nodes, gateways to cloud network server platforms and application server platforms.

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  • Smart Park

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  • Smart Agriculture

  • Smart Utilities

Smart and IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN Technology

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