Advanced LoRaWAN Circuit Breaker with Remote Control & Alarm Function

Explore our multi-function LoRaWAN circuit breaker with remote control and alarm function. Suitable for smart homes and street lamp control systems, this wireless breaker offers overload, short circuit, and earth leakage protection. With remote control via WIFI/GPRS/GPS/ZIGBEE/KNX or RS485, easily turn on/off electrical appliances and measure electricity consumption.

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  • Brand: HKT
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  • Application: Smart energy
  • Packing way: Carton box
  • Warranty: 1 year

Product Description:

The LoRaWAN 1P 2P 3P 4P circuit breaker is a versatile and advanced device designed for applications in smart homes, street lamp control systems, and other areas which require wireless remote control. Rated at 230/400V~ and a frequency of 50Hz/60Hz, with a breaking capacity of 10KA, this circuit breaker offers functions like overload protection, short circuit protection, and earth leakage protection. It allows users to conveniently turn on/off electrical appliances, electrical machinery, and equipment over long distances via WIFI, GPRS, GPS, ZIGBEE, KNX, or RS485 cable connections. Additionally, it provides accurate electricity consumption measurement.

LoRaWAN Circuit Breaker | Remote Control & Alarm Function | Smart Home Automation

Main Features:

1. Device Extendable: This modular device is extendable like traditional MCB and RCBO, with a maximum current capacity of up to 80A. Available in 1, 2, 3, & 4 poles for iMCB options.

2. Minimum Space Requirement: The iMCB and iRCBO feature a unique design with an extra 9mm or 18mm control module, saving space compared to traditional MCB and RCBO.

3. Simple Installation: All devices can be mounted on a 35mm DIN Rail and connected using connection pins or flexible flat cables, making the entire connection process easy and tool-free.

4. System Compatibility: The system is compatible with various other systems, including smart home automation, fire monitoring, energy efficiency management, and smoke and voice control.

5. Electrical Faults Analysis: The system enables real-time analysis of all electrical faults, including short circuit, earth leakage, overload, over/under voltage, overheating, and arc fault, for both main and branch lines.

6. Monitor of Electrical Circuit Parameters: Real-time monitoring of electrical circuit parameters, such as voltage, current, power, temperature, residual current, and kWh, is available.

7. Full Protection: The system offers comprehensive protection, covering overload, short circuit, earth leakage, surge, over/under voltage, arcing fault, phase loss, unbalance, and high temperature.

8. Max. Power and Current Setting: Adjustable power and current settings are possible through the App or software platform, providing flexibility for different applications.

9. Auto-Test of Earth Leakage Current: The device performs periodic tests of the residual current circuit protection, scheduled through the App to ensure consistent functionality.

10. Anti-Fraud of Electricity: The system includes anti-fraud measures to prevent electricity theft and unauthorized access.

LoRaWAN Circuit Breaker | Remote Control & Alarm Function | Smart Home Automation

LoRaWAN Circuit Breaker | Remote Control & Alarm Function | Smart Home Automation

Remote Control and Monitoring

The LoRaWAN 1P 2P 3P 4P circuit breaker allows seamless remote control and monitoring of connected electrical appliances and equipment. By using the app application, users can easily turn on/off devices and access real-time information on electricity consumption, including time, power, and more. With a communication distance of up to 11km using LoRaWAN technology, the device provides reliable and efficient control even over long distances. The circuit breaker is compatible with standard LoRaWAN gateways and third-party network server platforms, making integration into existing systems effortless.

Versatility and Energy Efficiency

With its modular design, the circuit breaker offers expandable functionality, making it suitable for various applications in smart homes, street lamp control systems, and more. The system's compatibility with other smart systems, such as energy efficiency management and fire monitoring, enhances its versatility. Real-time analysis of electrical faults and monitoring of circuit parameters ensure efficient protection and optimized energy consumption.

Easy Installation and Space-Saving Design

The device's simple installation process, using 35mm DIN Rail and connection pins or flexible flat cables, eliminates the need for special tools. Its space-saving design, requiring minimum space compared to traditional circuit breakers, allows for efficient use of available electrical panels.

Enhance Safety and Control Electricity Usage

The circuit breaker's comprehensive protection, including overload, short circuit, earth leakage, and more, ensures the safety of connected appliances and equipment. Users can adjust the power and current settings through the App or software platform, providing personalized control over electricity usage. The automatic testing of earth leakage current saves time and effort by performing regular checks remotely, offering an efficient approach to electrical safety.

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Explore the advanced features of our LoRaWAN 1P 2P 3P 4P circuit breaker and experience seamless remote control and monitoring of electrical appliances and equipment. Enhance safety, optimize energy usage, and ensure efficient operation in your smart home, street lamp control systems, and other applications. Get the circuit breaker now on and enjoy a new level of control and efficiency in your electrical systems.

LoRaWAN Circuit Breaker | Remote Control & Alarm Function | Smart Home Automation

Company Introduction:

Hunan HKT Technology Co. ltd. was Founded in 2010, We are a professional provider of comprehensive software and hardware solutions for smart cities in China, Focusing on R&D, manufacturing and sales of Smart loT devices based on LoRaWAN technology.

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HKT is an advance LoRaWAN Industrial Solutions providers and HKT cooperates with the local government.

HKT focus on IoT application researches, smart industry solutions and smart applications in the field of IoT. we are committed to provide one-stop solution for LoRaWAN connectivity from sensor nodes, gateways to cloud network server platforms and application server platforms.

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  • Smart Park

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