Revolutionary LoRaWAN Door Sensors For Enhanced Security

2023-09-08 09:51:08 admin

Securing premises while ensuring convenience is crucial yet challenging. HKT brings state-of-the-art wireless security within reach through the DS-100 - an innovative LoRaWAN enabled door sensor that redefines protection, monitoring and control for modern spaces.

LoRaWAN Door Sensor DS-100 | Opening Detection and Monitoring

Reliable Opening/Closing Detection

At the core lies an advanced magnetic sensor that reliably detects separation and attachment between the sensor and magnet to identify opening/closing of doors, windows, cabinets, drawers and more.

Sophisticated algorithms minimize false alarms caused by environmental vibrations or other external factors. The compact form factor allows flexible positioning for optimal sensing.

Robust LoRaWAN Connectivity

The integrated LoRaWAN module transmits real-time open/close data instantly over distances up to 15 km. This long range coverage coupled with years of battery life allows hassle-free deployments across facilities.

LoRaWAN's bi-directional communication enables remote configuration while ensuring data security. Seamless integration with HKT's cloud platform enables instant alerts.

LoRaWAN Door Sensor DS-100 | Opening Detection and MonitoringLoRaWAN Door Sensor DS-100 | Opening Detection and Monitoring

Insights Through Centralized Monitoring

HKT's user-friendly dashboard offers complete visibility and control over all connected doors and windows. Live monitoring reveals unauthorized access attempts. Activity logs and reports provide auditable records.

Instant anomaly alerts via app notifications allow rapid response. Role-based access ensures privacy without compromising security.

Built To Last with Rugged Design

An IP20 rating allows reliable usage across indoor and outdoor conditions. Integrated tamper detection alerts unauthorized handling attempts. The replaceable 1200 mAh battery delivers up to 2 years of continuous monitoring between changes.

Attain round-the-clock security, convenience and insights for modern spaces with HKT's pioneering DS-100 sensors. Contact us to learn more.