HKT's Innovative LoRaWAN Enabled Steel Cased Diaphragm Gas Meters For Precision Monitoring

2023-09-05 11:35:20 admin

Remote Gas Metering Made Reliable with LoRaWAN Connectivity

At HKT, we are spearheading innovation in gas metering technology with our advanced LoRaWAN enabled steel cased diaphragm gas meters. Equipped with long-range wireless LoRaWAN connectivity, our precision diaphragm gas meters allow for remote real-time monitoring and meter reading, ensuring usage safety and providing insightful analytics.

HKT LoRaWAN Steel Cased Gas Meters | Remote Monitoring and Analytics

Unparalleled Accuracy with Robust Diaphragm Technology

We employ high-quality diaphragm metering technology to achieve remarkable accuracy across a wide flow range, from low to high volume usage. The precision-machined diaphragm coupled with advanced metrology delivers metrological performance that exceeds industry standards.

Our meters maintain accuracy even with fluctuations in temperature, pressure and flow rate. The robust diaphragm construction and leak-proof design ensure durability and reliability over thousands of operating hours.

Optimized for Household and Commercial Usage

Available in a range of flow rate variants, our LoRaWAN diaphragm gas meters are optimized for residential as well as commercial and industrial usage. We offer specialized models for natural gas, LPG, biogas, landfill gas, and more.

The compact and lightweight design allows for convenient installation. With an IP54 rating, the meters deliver reliable performance in indoor and outdoor conditions exposed to dirt, dust and splashing water.

Enhanced Safety and Visibility with LoRaWAN Connectivity

The integrated long-range LoRaWAN wireless communication module enables remote reading of the precise gas usage data. This allows for close monitoring of consumption trends and early anomaly detection, enhancing usage safety.

LoRaWAN's low power wide area connectivity ensures data is transmitted reliably over long distances to the cloud. Our user-friendly dashboard provides insightful reports and analytics for informed decision making.

HKT LoRaWAN Steel Cased Gas Meters | Remote Monitoring and Analytics

OEM Customizations Available

Leveraging our extensive R&D expertise, we also offer OEM customization services to tailor LoRaWAN gas meters as per application requirements in terms of form factor, materials, metrological parameters and more.

Discover how our innovative LoRaWAN steel cased diaphragm gas meters can optimize efficiency, safety and visibility. Contact HKT today to explore the possibilities!