Streamline Parking Management with Smart LoRaWAN Sensors

2023-09-02 14:52:36 admin

For many drivers, searching endlessly for an open parking spot can be frustrating and time-consuming. Meanwhile, parking facility owners and operators face challenges maximizing utilization and revenue. HKT offers an innovative solution - LoRaWAN powered smart parking sensors for real-time monitoring and analytics.

The sensors use advanced electromagnetic induction to accurately detect parking occupancy. This data is wirelessly transmitted via the long-range LoRaWAN network to parking management systems and apps.

Intelligent Parking Management with LoRaWAN Smart Sensors

For drivers, this means:

  • Real-time spot availability to minimize search time

  • Guidance on navigation directly to open spaces

  • Convenience of reserving and paying for spots remotely

For parking owners and operators:

  • Maximize utilization and revenue with data insights

  • Enforcement of time limits and reserved spots

  • Streamlined operations with automation

  • Usage analytics to optimize layout and pricing

Intelligent Parking Management with LoRaWAN Smart Sensors

With a slim, inconspicuous profile, long 5+ year battery life, and robust IP68 rating, HKT's parking sensors are designed for simple install and maintenance-free operation in diverse environments.

Unlock intelligent, sustainable parking with HKT's LoRaWAN smart parking sensors. Please visit to learn more.