Simplify Power Monitoring with LoRaWAN Single-Phase Smart Meter

2023-11-21 08:27:01 admin

Tracking electricity usage and network analytics are essential for energy management in residential, commercial and industrial facilities. HKT offers an innovative LoRaWAN enabled single-phase smart meter for automated and efficient power monitoring.

The smart meter allows remote wireless meter reading, reducing operational costs while providing detailed data on consumption. Current, voltage, power factor and other metrics are measured to give insights for optimizing energy usage.

Remote Power Monitoring with LoRaWAN Smart Meters

Key Features:

Remote wireless meter reading and billing

Monitoring of electricity consumption

Improved meter reading efficiency

Accurate electricity billing and analytics

Enables energy savings and management

Over-the-air firmware upgrades ensure monitoring continuity. Large-scale deployments are simplified with LoRaWAN's low-cost scalability.


Residential electricity billing

Commercial building submetering

Factory and warehouse power monitoring

Public lighting and EV charging stations

Advanced data analytics coupled with lower maintenance overhead provides the foundation for the smart grid. Discover how HIoTech's LoRaWAN smart meters can drive utility and energy efficiency.

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