Automate Smart Spaces with LoRaWAN PIR Motion Sensors

2023-09-03 14:56:31 admin

Detecting occupancy and movement patterns is key for creating efficiently automated and secure spaces like offices, warehouses, schools and more. HKT offers an innovative LoRaWAN enabled PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor that provides accurate, long-range motion detection along with light sensing capabilities.

The HKT PIR sensor uses advanced passive infrared technology to reliably detect occupancy and movements within 8 meters. An integrated light sensor allows triggering custom actions based on motion and ambient light conditions. This enables use cases like turning on lights when movement is detected in dark rooms.

Automate Smart Spaces with LoRaWAN Motion Sensors

Key benefits:

  • Accurate motion detection up to 8m

  • Integrated light sensor for conditional automation

  • Long 4-year battery life minimizing maintenance

  • Compact and easy installation on walls or ceilings

  • Real-time alerts and integration with other smart devices

  • Wide -30°C to 60°C operating range

With a compact format factor and long-lasting battery, the LoRaWAN PIR motion sensor can be flexibly installed across diverse commercial and industrial environments to enable smarter automated spaces.

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