Revolutionizing Senior Care with LoRaWAN GPS Smartwatches

2023-09-06 11:05:13 admin

In today's fast-paced world, caring for our elderly loved ones is a top priority. We want to ensure their safety, health, and well-being, even when we can't be by their side at all times. This is where technology comes to the rescue, and the LoRaWAN GPS Smartwatch for Smart Senior Care is leading the way.

LoRaWAN GPS Smartwatch for Senior Care

The SW-200: A Beacon of Innovation

The SW-200 LoRaWAN GPS Smartwatches is not just another smartwatch; it's a lifeline for seniors. Designed with cutting-edge LoRaWAN communication technology, this intelligent wristband is tailor-made for senior care. Let's delve into the remarkable features that make it a game-changer.

Real-time Tracking for Peace of Mind

One of the most significant concerns in senior care is knowing your loved one's whereabouts, especially if they have a tendency to wander. The SW-200 provides real-time indoor and outdoor positioning, thanks to its GNSS and Bluetooth modules. This means you can always know where your senior is, whether they're at home, in the garden, or out for a walk.

Health Monitoring at Your Fingertips

Health is wealth, and this smartwatch takes it seriously. The SW-200 continuously tracks essential health metrics, including heart rate, step count, and even sleep patterns. Wear detection ensures that the watch collects accurate data, which is transmitted through the LoRaWAN network. This information provides valuable insights into your loved one's well-being, allowing you to take proactive steps to ensure they remain healthy.

Immediate SOS Functionality

In emergencies, every second counts. The SW-200 features an emergency SOS function that can be activated with a single press. When your loved one needs help, they can quickly and easily trigger a distress signal, ensuring that assistance arrives promptly.

Long Battery Life for Peace of Mind

No one wants to worry about constantly recharging a smartwatch. The SW-200 boasts a high-performance battery that can last up to 7 days on a 15-minute uplink duty cycle. Plus, it provides low battery notifications when the battery falls below 10%, ensuring that the watch remains reliable and ready to use.

LoRaWAN GPS Smartwatch for Senior Care

Technical Specifications

  • Modem: AS923MHz, US915Mhz, EU868MHz

  • Tx Power: Max +20dBm

  • Communication Range: 500-1000M in dense urban areas, 1.5KM line-of-sight

  • Positioning: Quadruple hybrid positioning of indoor & outdoor GPS Beidou, Wifi, and acceleration sensors

  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 5.0

  • Display: 1.22-inch circular 240 X 210 dot matrix HD color TFT display

  • Battery Capacity: Li-ion polymer high voltage battery, 450mAh

  • Ingress Protection: IP67

Applications in Senior Care and Beyond

The SW-200 is a versatile solution. In the realm of senior care, it provides essential support for caregivers, helping them monitor and manage the health and safety of their elderly charges. Whether at home, in a senior living facility, or even during a hospital stay, this smartwatch offers peace of mind.

Beyond senior care, the SW-200 finds applications in various industries. Industrial companies, especially those in sectors like oil and gas, power stations, and chemical plants, use this smart wristband to ensure the health and safety of their employees.


The LoRaWAN GPS Smartwatch, represented by the SW-200, is a testament to the power of technology in improving lives. It's not just a watch; it's a guardian, a health monitor, and a lifeline. With its real-time tracking, health monitoring, and SOS functionality, it offers a holistic solution for senior care and beyond.

In an age where we seek to empower our seniors and provide them with the best care possible, the SW-200 stands as a beacon of innovation, a symbol of security, and a promise of a brighter future.

Upgrade your senior care with the LoRaWAN GPS Smartwatch. Explore the future of care today.