How Does the LoRaWAN Infrared People Counting Sensor Work?

2023-10-12 08:35:52 admin

The LoRaWAN Infrared People Counting Sensor delivers highly accurate real-time data on pedestrian traffic for smart management. This article will explain its key components, sensing technology, and LoRaWAN data transmission process.

How Does the LoRaWAN Infrared People Counting Sensor Work?

Key Components of the Sensor

The sensor consists of two main units - the infrared transmitter and receiver. The transmitter emits modulated infrared beams in multiple directions. The receiver unit detects these signals on the opposite end to identify pedestrian movements.

An enhanced noise immunity algorithm filters out interference for reliable performance. The units embed LoRaWAN modules for wireless communication to gateways.

Setup and Positioning

The transmitter and receiver units are installed facing each other at a height of 0.8m to 1.3m across doorways, corridors, gates, or other areas of interest. A distance of 2m to 10m can be covered based on the detection angle.

Precise alignment ensures the receiver obtains clear, unobstructed infrared beams from the transmitter for accurate counting. The compact form factor allows unobtrusive positioning.

How Does the LoRaWAN Infrared People Counting Sensor Work?

Sensing and Counting Principle

Infrared Detection Technology

The infrared transmitter beams are arranged to create multiple sensing barriers. When people walk through, their bodies intersect these beams. The receiver detects these infrared interruptions to identify pedestrian movement.

Bi-Directional Counting

By arranging transmitters and receivers on both sides, the sensor can identify directionality of movement, giving accurate counts in both ingress and egress directions.

How Does the LoRaWAN Infrared People Counting Sensor Work?

Data Transmission via LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN Network Connectivity

The embedded LoRaWAN module enables wireless transmission of the real-time count data to gateways connected to the network server and cloud platform.

Cloud Platform Integration

The data is seamlessly integrated with the management platform to generate usage reports, analytics and visualizations for convenient access from any device.


In summary, the LoRaWAN Infrared People Counting Sensor uses advanced infrared transmitters and receivers to reliably detect pedestrian movement. It transmits real-time data wirelessly over LoRaWAN to the cloud platform, providing convenient traffic analytics. The technology ensures highly accurate bi-directional counts for smart space management.