HKT: Empowering a Smarter Future with AIoT Solutions

At HKT, we pride ourselves as an AIoT "end-to-end" one-stop IoT solution provider, specializing in cutting-edge IoT research and development. Our core focus lies in delivering a comprehensive portfolio of Industrial LoRaWAN sensors and gateways, revolutionizing the world of IoT with seamless data collection and application capabilities for smart cities and beyond.

About Us | HTK - Smart IoT Solutions Provider

Our Mission:

We are committed to building a multidimensional ecosystem operation service system that seamlessly integrates software, hardware, services, and operations. Through multi-dimensional big data collection, analysis, and application, we strive to create intelligent smart city ecosystems that cater to the needs of governments, enterprises, citizens, and visitors alike.

Our Services:

As a leading provider of IoT solutions, we offer a wide array of comprehensive services across various industries:


Smart City: Empowering urban centers with intelligent solutions to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Smart Parking: Transforming parking management with advanced technologies for optimized space utilization and convenience.

Smart Energy: Enabling efficient energy consumption and management through IoT-driven innovations.

Smart Environment: Harnessing IoT to monitor and safeguard environmental conditions for a greener future.

Smart Agriculture: Enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability through data-driven insights and solutions.

Smart Animal Farming: Revolutionizing livestock monitoring with innovative technologies for improved animal welfare and productivity.

Asset Tracking: Providing real-time tracking solutions for seamless management of valuable assets.

IoT Finance: Leveraging IoT for groundbreaking advancements in the financial sector.

About Us | HTK - Smart IoT Solutions Provider

Our Expertise:

With a team of experts in the field, we possess a deep understanding of IoT technologies and their applications. We are continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation to develop solutions that address the evolving needs of our clients and industries worldwide.

Join us on our journey to build a smarter, interconnected world. HKT is dedicated to empowering businesses and communities with multi-tiered smart application services and cutting-edge big data solutions. Together, let's shape a future where AIoT drives unprecedented advancements and enriches lives across the globe.

Smart and IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN Technology

Our Team:

About Us | HTK - Smart IoT Solutions Provider