• LoRa technology for easy realization of smart city and smart medical care

    As we know, the Internet of Things has become an inevitable trend in the development of the Internet. The Internet of Things can connect almost everything to the network. As a basic part of the Intern

    2022-07-28 admin

  • LoRa Alliance® Launches IPv6 Over LoRaWAN®

    LoRa Alliance® introduces IPv6 over LoRaWAN®, opening a wide range of new markets for LoRaWAN. By extending the breadth of device-to-application solutions using IPv6, LoRaWAN's addressable IoT mar

    2022-05-30 admin

  • What is Bluetooth indoor positioning

    Bluetooth positioning is based on the value of RSSII (Received Signal Strength Indication, signal field strength indication), and the positioning is carried out through the principle of triangulation.

    2022-05-23 admin

  • Global public LoRaWAN grows 66% over the past three years

    The LoRa Alliance has announced that the number of public LoRaWANs worldwide has grown by 66% over the past three years. Historically, public LPWAN deployments have been driven by mobile network opera

    2022-05-23 admin

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