Smart City

The Benefits of Smart Park

2022-05-18 10:30:44 admin

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The current smart parks simply cannot respond intelligently when the epidemic or emergencies come, resulting in the work and life of the owners in the parks being completely disrupted. And the reasonable planning is not done well and the epidemic prevention measures are not up to the standard.

And some of the parks use the words of wisdom and intelligence to summarize themselves, but all of them are just in form, simply applying some hardware equipment such as road gates, monitoring and management software applications. The overall function is fragmented, compartmentalized, and the system is closed and isolated, making it difficult to iterate and upgrade. The result is that the user can not experience the value of intelligent.

The current challenges facing the smart park:

1 Inadequate ability to respond to sudden incidents

Park travel, epidemic detection, and mutual movement and contact between people will increase the probability of mutual infection and cannot effectively control the spread of the epidemic.

2 Insufficient intelligence and poor user experience

Traditional communication, screening, registration, and telephone return visits are inefficient. When the epidemic occurs, face-to-face and one-on-one traditional models cannot effectively eliminate the psychological concerns of personnel, and the user experience is also very poor.

3 The park provides manual operation, which cannot guarantee the safety of personnel

Park travel and epidemic detection all require manual confirmation, which also increases the chance of mutual infection to a certain extent.

4 The management methods are backward and the control effect is poor

When an epidemic or other emergencies occurs, the traditional management methods are backward, the ability to screen the epidemic is low, and it is difficult for risk personnel to detect and manage and track them in time.

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