What is Bluetooth indoor positioning

2022-05-23 14:15:32 admin

Bluetooth positioning is based on the value of RSSII (Received Signal Strength Indication, signal field strength indication), and the positioning is carried out through the principle of triangulation.

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As shown in the figure: Point E sends a signal and is received by BS1, BS2, and BS3 at the same time. The triangulation algorithm deduces the coordinates of point E through the known three coordinates.

Positioning method

According to different positioning terminals, Bluetooth positioning methods are divided into network-side positioning and terminal-side positioning.

The network-side positioning system consists of terminals (mobile phones and other terminals with low-power bluetooth), bluetooth beacon nodes, bluetooth gateways, wireless local area networks and back-end data servers. The specific positioning process is:

1. First lay beacon and bluetooth gateway in the area.

2. When the terminal enters the coverage of the beacon signal, the terminal can sense the broadcast signal of the beacon, and then calculate the RSSI value under a beacon and transmit it to the back-end data server through the Bluetooth gateway through the wifi network, and calculate it through the built-in positioning algorithm of the server. The specific location of the terminal.

The terminal-side positioning system consists of terminal devices (such as mobile phones embedded in SDK software packages) and beacons. Its specific positioning principle is:

1. First, lay bluetooth beacons in the area.

2. The beacon continuously broadcasts signals and data packets to the surroundings.

3. When the terminal device enters the range covered by the beacon signal, measure its RSSI value under different base stations, and then calculate the specific location through the built-in positioning algorithm of the mobile phone.

Terminal-side positioning is generally used for indoor positioning and navigation, precise location marketing and other user terminals; while network-side positioning is mainly used in situations such as personnel tracking and positioning, asset positioning, and passenger flow analysis. The advantage of Bluetooth positioning is that it is simple to implement, and the positioning accuracy is closely related to the laying density and transmission power of Bluetooth beacons. And it is very power-saving, and can achieve power-saving purposes through deep sleep, connection-free, and simple protocols