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Smart Badge--- Intelligent personnel card for tracking visitors

2022-05-18 10:17:12 admin

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What is a LoRa Smart ID Card?

LoRa smart ID card is a GPS+Bluetooth dual-mode positioning wearable positioning tracking device based on LoRa transmission technology, and integrates the voice broadcast function, which is suitable for the information-based intelligent management of personnel inside and outside large enterprises, industrial parks, campuses, etc.

What are the features of LoRa Smart ID Cards?

l Personnel entry registration

After the person wears the LoRa smart ID card, the unidentifiable individual becomes the traceable data that can be displayed on the background map.

l Personnel location and track record

LoRaWAN smart ID card can perform real-time positioning and data processing of personnel. Display the real-time location of all users and historical trajectories within 30 days through the visualization platform, and highlight the location of the person being queried.

l Hazardous area safety warning

Set up an electronic fence. If a user enters the dangerous area or leaves the activity area, the device will transmit the data to the management system through LoRa wireless communication technology, the system will sound a security alarm, and immediately contact the security personnel for timely tracking, reducing the number of personnel Possibility of security incidents.

l SOS alarm

In order to better protect the personal safety of employees, the LoRa smart ID card is equipped with an SOS alarm function. When the user encounters danger, the user can ask for help through the SOS button on the smart ID card. After pressing the SOS button, the smart ID card will alarm and display the real-time location of the employee through the LoRa network, and immediately notify the management personnel to gain more effective time for rescue.