The Advantages of Lora Wireless Remote Water Meter

2022-05-10 16:03:01 admin

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With the development of cities becoming more intelligent, the traditional water meter and manual meter reading mode are no longer suitable for the needs of modern construction, and gradually moving to the center stage of the market are smart water meters that are more and more familiar to the public, such as LORA wireless remote water meters.

The wireless remote water meter adopts Lora wireless spread spectrum communication technology and integrates micro-power multi-channel embedded wireless module to realize wireless transmission of data in each part. Lora wireless remote water meter can realize remote monitoring, data acquisition and transmission, meter reading, automatic statistics and other functions. It can be used in a wide range of applications, such as new housing, renovation of old communities, urban and rural water supply, urban road greening, farmland irrigation, and railway train water supply.

What are the advantages of Lora wireless remote water meter?

l Long wireless communication distance

Using low-power wide-area network lora wireless spread spectrum communication technology, it can realize long-distance transmission and has strong penetrating power.

l Wireless deployment, easy maintenance

Wireless communication is used between water meters, repeaters and concentrators, no wiring is required, the on-site construction is simple, and the later maintenance is convenient.

l Low wireless power consumption

The single-wake-up and single-reading mechanism is adopted, which effectively reduces the power consumption of meter reading, and is equipped with a large-capacity battery. Under normal meter reading frequency, the battery life can be guaranteed for 6 years or more.

l Fault alarm

When the remote water meter has low battery or sensor failure, it will actively upload the fault alarm to the meter reading platform.

l High success rate of meter reading

LORA wireless remote water meter not only changes the mode of manual meter reading, but also realizes remote meter reading, and the concentrator adopts an automatic supplementary reading mechanism to ensure that the success rate of meter reading is above 98%