Smart water meter solution based on LoRaWAN

2022-05-10 16:03:13 admin

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LoRa, one of the LPWAN communication technologies, is an ultra-long range wireless transmission solution based on spread spectrum technology adopted and promoted by Semtech in the USA. This solution changes the previous trade-off between transmission distance and power consumption, providing users with a simple system that enables long range, long battery life, high capacity and thus extended sensing networks. Currently, LoRa operates mainly in the global free frequency bands, including 433, 470, 868 and 915 MHz.

The LoRa module is an ultra-long-range wireless transmission solution based on spread spectrum technology. LoRa technology is long-range, low-power, multi-node, low-cost LoRaWAN-based networks can provide secure data transmission over long distances with bi-directional communication and with minimal LoRa technology will be widely used in a variety of application scenarios such as smart agriculture, smart buildings and smart logistics.

The main functions of the water meter are positive flow statistics, reverse flow statistics, magnetic interference detection, emergency valve shutdown and wireless data transmission; the main function of the LoRa module is to relay the signal to the farther water meter; the main function of the LoRa gateway is to receive workstation commands, manage the water meter and collect and upload data.

The LoRa gateway uses GPRS communication when receiving commands from the workstation and uploading data. When the workstation needs to read the meter, it sends a meter reading command via GPRS, the LoRa gateway receives the command and sends the meter reading command to the water meter via LoRa communication, the water meter receives the command and returns the data to the LoRa gateway, the LoRa gateway then returns the received data to the workstation, thus realising the process of wireless meter reading.

The concentrator/base station controls the 1st level repeater, and the 1st level repeater then extends down to control multiple levels of repeaters, which is sufficient to provide depth and breadth of coverage for the entire cell.

Smart water meters with LoRa technology can accurately and quickly collect and record real-time water consumption data from residents, improving efficiency and ensuring quality of service. During peak periods of water consumption, the customer water information system can monitor and balance the water consumption in the area, thus effectively safeguarding water for corporate production and residential use.