• FTTH-New Choice for Reconstruction of double-fiber three-wave Bidirectional Networks

    Broadcast and television two-way network transformation and solutionIn 2010, the national government determined the triple integration strategy development decision of telecommunications network, the

    2020-03-26 Hiotech.net

  • PON + EOC Solution

    PON + EOC SolutionPON EOC Solution Overview: In the construction of two-way access network of broadcast television, with years of practice and c

    2020-03-20 Hiotech.net

  • Smart Logistics and Technology Shaping the Future of Supply Chains

    Smart logistics solutions for supply chain traceability, brand protection (anti-counterfeiting,prevention of grey markets), cold chain monitoring, fleet management (truck localisation andmonitoring of its conditions), and safety and security within logistics facilities.

    2019-08-08 Hiotech.net

  • Smart Water Meter System

    Description of functions* Water meter readings are automatically uploaded in a schedule time by wireless* Data are uploaded to, stored and utilized by the management platform to make comprehensive ana

    2019-07-29 Hiotech.net

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