What is Lora

2020-04-03 11:19:53 Hiotech.net

LoRa and NB-IoT are two of the most promising  Low-Power Wide-Area Network(LPWAN) communication technologies. LoRa was born earlier than NB-IoT. In August 2013, Semtech released a new type of sub-1GHz-based Chips for ultra-long-range low-power data transmission technology (Long Range, LoRa for short). Its receiving sensitivity has reached an astonishing -148dbm. Compared with other advanced sub-GHz chips in the industry, the highest receiving sensitivity is improved by more than 20db, which ensures the reliability of network connection.

RaLoRa mainly operates in free frequency bands worldwide (ie unlicensed frequency bands), including 433, 868, 915 MHz, etc. LoRa network is mainly composed of terminal (built-in LoRa module), gateway (or base station), server and cloud. Application data can be transmitted in both directions.

 LoRa's advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, Greatly improve the sensitivity of the reception, reduce power consumption

2. The gateway / concentrator based on this technology supports multi-channel and multi-data rate parallel processing, and the system capacity is large.

3. Terminal and concentrator / gateway based systems can support ranging and positioning.

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